DIY Chalk Board Tray

Hello, easy project!


Vintage tray (most thrift stores will have this)

Chalk Board Spray Paint


Twine or string (optional)

Alright, here’s all it takes to make a super personal wall decoration, to-do list or coffee table tray.  First, find some vintage trays and tape up the sides. I like to keep the bright color sides, so I only spray onto the bottom part of the tray.

This is the paint I used. It is really inexpensive and can be found at most stores!

Chalk Board Spray Paint

RUST-OLEUM Chalk Board Spay Paint

After letting the paint dry for about a day, I run a piece of chalk length-wise across the new paint.  This helps to rough up the chalk board and get it ready for writing and erasing!

To make the chalk always accessible I had my husband drill a small hole in the side of the tray to string some twine and chalk.

I used a plate stand to hold this up as decor, but a hook on the back to make it a wall hanging would also be adorable!

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