Wooden Tray Upcycle

In just minutes this simple wooden tray went from nothing too fancy to something super sweet.  I’ve been hoping to find a DIY to add numbers to … they just  seem  so trendy right now! This seemed like the perfect piece as there were easily number-able sections.

Using my Cricut and Cricut Craft Room, I created my design for each section. I just stinkin’ love using Craft Room. I just recently started using it (I’m not sure how I didn’t know about it sooner) and it has helped me accurately measure my designs and save paper! I cut this particular design out on vinyl.

This was honestly the most difficult part of this upcycle. From here, I arranged the vinyl into the sections of the tray. I did do some measuring to try to get them as close to the center as possible, but I didn’t take this part that seriously.


Then, I took out my spray paint and just added a few sprays to each section of the tray.  This wood really soaked in the paint, which worked well, because I was going for a rustic look.

And, that’s it! I think it is just charming 🙂


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