Fancy Fridge – DIY Shelf Liners


When I found five plastic placemats (originally from Target) at a pay-by-the pound Goodwill store.  I immediately knew what to do with them, a copycat project that my mom had come up with years earlier – lined fridge shelves.

Fancy Fridge Makeover |

My momma’s lined shelves. She’s the pioneer of this project!

The first thing I did was wash all of the placemats and empty my fridge and clean off the shelves.  (And, throw away some that’s-been-in-the-back-of-the-fridge-too-long food. Yuck.)

Then, I used a tape measure to figure out the length and depth of each shelf.  To make the most of the placemats, knowing I couldn’t go pick up a spare if I made a mistake, I decided that it was okay if there was some space at the back of the shelves that was uncovered.  This only ended up happening on the large middle and bottom shelves.  I was able to use nearly a full placemat to cover the top two shelves.

A box cutter worked really well to cut through the plastic.

Fancy Fridge Makeover |

Then, to keep the corners of the placemats from poking up, I lifted up the lip of the shelves and wedged the placemat underneath. This worked great to keep the mats in their place!

Fancy Fridge Makeover |

Again, because I only had five placemats, I had to do some piecing together, but it actually doesn’t look all that bad!

Fancy Fridge Makeover |

And, the best part is, when there is a spill in the fridge, cleanup only requires taking out the placemat and not the whole shelf! That’s a win for me!

Fancy Fridge Makeover |

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