Rustic Window Photo Frame

If you’re looking for a large, unique and personal decoration – this is it. Yes, I know that’s a tall order, but seriously this is one of the most inexpensive projects I’ve ever attempted and it is one of my favorites to date!

Rustic Window Photo Frame |

First, find an old window. Ask around to friends and family or start searching at rummage sales, thrift stores, ReStores and even the side of the road! They’re out there! I think pane windows work best for this project, but any old chippy paint window would work!

First, I measured the window to see what size photo I would need. I made a little mistake here and only accounted for the opening.  You should not do this. You should definitely make sure you print your picture to fit the opening plus an inch or so on each side.

Then, figure out what picture you want to use! I picked this wedding photo because it had a lot of background and only one focal point. I wanted the two of us to really stand out and not get lost somewhere across all of the window panes.

I took the file for my photo to my local FedEx store and told them how big I wanted the picture printed – letting them know that I didn’t care about quality and that I wanted it to be black and white. In fact, I think I even told them I wanted it to look like a photo copy.  My total for this picture was less than $3!

Then, I cut it out to fit into the window’s opening. I’ve seen a few other DIY tutorials like this that actually cut the picture into pieces to fit into the panes, but I didn’t feel this was necessary. I had no problem just lining it up on the backside of the frame and taping it in place.

Window Frame |

Window Frame |

That’s it! My window was free from a family friend and the print was under $5 – pretty affordable to make a BIG, personal statement with your decor!

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Window Frame |

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