Suitcase Jewelry Storage

I think I’ve found the most practical, perfect solution to my messy dresser problem (well, minus the clothes that sometimes always tend to pile up). This simple antique suitcase has a lot of the things I was looking for in jewelry storage.

Suitcase Jewelry Storage |

First, it needed to be big. As you can see, I have a few things I wanted store on my dresser everything from dress socks to watches, earrings and glasses.  While you can certainly just toss the things you want to keep on your dresser into the suitcase, I chose to add a few more way to keep my things organized. This three-tiered bowl set (which really should have a home in my kitchen) is perfect because it adds a few more organizational cubbies.

Suitcase Jewelry Storage |

And, I wanted compartments! I needed a place to hide things and stow away those few pieces that just didn’t need to be displayed but that I still wanted to keep. The travel pocket is perfect to hide bulky bracelets and those few things that just don’t “show” as well as others.  Plus, the frilly trim inside the suitcase is so thin that dangly earrings become the perfect way to dress up the suitcase! Storage + style!

Suitcase Jewelry Storage |



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