No Sew: Curtains on a Vertical Blind Track


When we first moved into our house there were a lot of things I wanted to change. Nothing major, mostly cosmetic things, like the bright white vertical blinds.  Of course, cleaning, unpacking and organizing all took far more precedence over ditching the plastic blinds that adorned our sliding glass door.  And by precedence I mean I found like a year’s worth of things to work on before I actually tackled the terrible blinds.

The funny thing is, when I was ready to give the plastic beauties a makeover, I was kind of attached to them. Not in a way that I wanted to keep them, by any means, but we have a dog and the ease of sliding the blinds open and closed so easily was pretty desirable.

I toyed with the idea of keeping the vertical blinds and just adding a valance across the top, but I just couldn’t stand the plastic look. That’s when I started improvising.  Here’s what I used to take my blind track from cold to cozy! Note: I can’t seem to find these exact clips in stock anywhere, but this is what I used for my project. I’m sure there is something similar out there from a different brand. 

And, of course some curtain panels in the right length. I picked up these neutral pocket-rod curtains from Target for only $20 a panel.

All I did was pop the plastic blinds out of the clips on the track.  Leave everything else as-is on the track.

No Sew Vertical Blind Curtains |

Then, I counted the number of hooks on the track.  Then, I measured the full width of my two curtain panels. To ensure my curtain panels would lay evenly on the tracks, I divided the width of the panels by the number of hooks and used that number to know how  many inches apart I would space my hooks.

No Sew Vertical Blind Curtains |

Then, I attached the clips. These are super easy to use, but they’re super pokey – be careful! Again, spacing the clips out appropriately, I slipped them into the fabric of the curtain. I was careful to push them into the hem of the rod pocket for extra support.

No Sew Vertical Blind Curtains |

When you’ve finished a full panel, get hanging! The clips fit perfectly into the existing hooks on the vertical blind and voila! You’ve got sliding curtains!

Curtains on Vertical Blinds |

Now, instead of a cold, bright white plastic this space is a cozy, warm fabric!  These have been up now for more than a year in our home and I’ve had NO problems! I’ve never once had a clip fall loose from a hook.  My only small gripe is that the top of the curtain panel eventually falls a little bit forward revealing more of the blind track than I would prefer.  But, this is a small price to pay of the ease of open/close!

Mason Jar Light Fixture DIY |

Gauge thinks so too.

2 thoughts on “No Sew: Curtains on a Vertical Blind Track

  1. yesenia says:

    I am about to hack my vertical blinds. I wish I had done so when I first moved in before the unusual dirt marks which come from nowhere and attach to vertical blinds.
    I wonder if the existing clips on the track would hold the fabric without the use of extra ring clips or hooks. I intend to Velcro (sticky back) a valance to the headrail to conceal the unsightly plastic track clips anyway. I’m concerned however if the fabric would be too heavy to insert directly into those pre-existing plastic clips, or vice versa if using too light of fabric wouldn’t give the pre-existing clips enough to grasp.
    I was going to use a DIY of two layers of Cal-king flat sheets for curtains, hoping they will slide into the pre-existing clips and hold, but can be easily removed later.
    What do you think?


  2. yesenia says:

    I just converted my vertical blinds into curtains and I never would have imagined it could be so easy. I purchased some interlined, medium-weight curtains (52″x84″). It took two panels to cover a standard patio sliding door. Apparently, there are a variety of options for hooking the drapes to the pre-existing clips in the head rail track. I used drapery pins because they faced the correct way so I wouldn’t have to twist the vertical blind rod anymore. My headrail had 25 clips in the track, so I used a total of 75 drapery pins for three sliding doors.
    I was careful hooking the pins onto the clips since I worried the weight of the drapes would be too much for the clips but not at all because the weight is evenly distributed. Because I hung two panels per window, I overlapped the edges in the middle onto the 13th track clip so there wouldn’t be a gap. My 84″ drapes were just enough to clear the floor and reach the clips. So I didn’t have any extra on top to mask the head rail but I honestly don’t mind. It’s a drastic improvement despite that imperfection.
    Other than the upgrade in the appearance of replacing the vertical blinds with fashionable drapes, the greatest benefit is eliminating the noise vertical blinds make when you open and close them, or when drafts make them flutter. The drapes are silent which is so nice.
    I am storing the vertical blind slats in a long closet, though I think they might fit lengthwise under a bed. I highly recommend this easy DIY solution for renters in particular.


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