DIY: Mason Jar Light Fixture

Check out this DIY featured on Kirklands’ Instagram HERE!

I’m so excited about this fixture fixer-upper! I conquered this DIY with no power tools and no husband supervision! WIN! It is seriously super simple and rather quick!


First, figure out what kind of fixture you have. You’ll need to make sure you have little plastic round things holding your current globe in place. You’ll be using the round things (such a technical term, I know) as a stencil. If your globes are held in place with tiny little screws (like pictured below) you can’t follow this DIY as described. I’m sorry!


You’ll also need three mason jars with lids.  I went out and bought brand new jars so that they would all be matching, but I think some great vintage jars would look fabulous! I also knew I wanted to use the “old school” long light bulbs so I picked up the quart and a half mason jars, which are a bit longer.

Separate the metal lid from the band of the jar and put the round thing on top of it.  Using a permanent marker, trace the round thing onto the metal lid.


Then, using a hammer and nail (I promised no power tools) pound holes close together along the traced line.  This isn’t a super fast process, but it is pretty simple.  After you get all the way around you should be able to easily remove the center of the metal lid.

Insert the plastic round thing into the metal lid and then add lid back into the mason jar ring. Now, you’re good to go to add  this back to the light fixture.


Add your lightbulb back in and then all that is left to add is the mason jar! You should be able to easily twist the jar back onto the metal ring.


I told you, so simple! I think this adds the perfect country charm to our bathroom.






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