DIY: Pretty Pegboard Frame

We’ve been working on building a space for me to be able to organize and store my craft supplies, and of course, have an ample space to craft. Because we didn’t want to occupy an entire upstairs bedroom with my hobby, we settled on creating a space in our basement laundry room.  The room is a decent size, certainly big enough to fit a desk, but didn’t offer a ton of space for storage.


Enter: the giant peg board. I had seen plenty of gorgeously organized pegboards on Pinterest, so I knew I could use the large 10-foot wall to my advantage. At first I wanted an 8 foot peg board to fill nearly the entire wall. But, then I saw how HUGE an 8-foot pegboard actually was.  Let me tell you, it is giant and you’d need millions of crafty things to fill it up.  So, we settled on a 4×4 foot peg board instead.

Framing Pegboard |

I wanted a white pegboard, but that was about double the price, so we bought the typical brown cardboard looking board.  And, I knew I wanted the board to look pretty, like all of the Pinterest posts, so we bought some 1x4s to build the frame.

Framing Pegboard |

I mostly supervised this part of the project, since I’m really not into using power tools.  Todd measured the thickness of the board and then used a table saw to cut grooves that same thickness along the length the 1x4s. This allowed us to slip the 1×4 right onto the edge of the pegboard.  Then, using a miter saw, he cut the angles for the corners.

Then, back to a part I could help with: painting.  I chose white for the pegboard and Behr Mirage Lake for the frame.

After everything dried overnight, we were ready to frame! We started by adding two of the 1x4s, securing them together with screws at the corner.  Then, we added the other two additional sides one by one.

Framing Pegboard |

There were a couple times when the corners didn’t match up perfectly, but we were able to adjust the frame just enough to get them aligned so we could screw them in place.  This was definitely a two-man project though, as the boards were 4 feet long and it was much too big for one person to hold/adjust alone.

Here’s how it turned out (of course, we don’t have it hanging quite yet)! What do you think? How do you organize your craft space? Mine is a work in progress (and, it is half laundry room) …

Framing Pegboard |

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