Car Ramps Reinspired as Rustic Wood Shutters


This was actually a very unplanned project.  I was rummaging around in our basement one day, looking for something to accompany my pallet art, when I came across two old car ramps.  My husband bought these from our local ReStore for only $3! We were going to use them for a different project, but they ended up being the wrong size.  Good thing, because I love the way they worked out as shutters!

We removed the red metal ramps from the wood and voila! I just flipped the wood over and it already looked like an adorable wood shutter!


Then, used a small screw to hang these cute primitive stars. I picked them up at Goodwill for $4 each.



Instead of candles, I added mason jars.  I have a lot of candles in my living room, so this seemed like the more unique option for me.  A short battery operated candle on a timer would be really precious alternative though.



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