Vintage Door Knob Towel Rack

Door Knobs
This was not an overnight project, but oh, was it worth the wait!  Three old door knob sets (six knobs in all) were given to me by my grandparents-in-law.  They were so spot on when they “thought I might like them for a project”.  I don’t have a photo of the condition they were in when I first got them, but I can explain it in one word: paint.  They were caked in paint!  I started the paint-stripping process with a heat gun and a flat-head screw driver.  I spent hours heating the paint and scratching it off.  It took a long time, but it sure did make a big difference! Then, I enlisted the help of my dad and his grinder.  He was able to shine up the old metal and really bring out the gorgeous detail of the hardware!

Door Lock Knobs

We had to do a little gluing to get these guys ready to go.  That’s because the knobs and the hardware are held together by the mechanics inside of the door and, well, I threw those away. I only wanted the pretty part.  We used this Loctite Epoxy Gel to secure the knobs to the hardware. It worked great, but friends, beware, this stuff is strong! Don’t get it on your fingers!  We let the epoxy dry for 1+ day to ensure it was good to go!


I found the perfect rough cut board for this project at the ReStore. The only problem was that it wasn’t wide enough to hold both the knob, hardware and the new hook. So, we used some wood glue and clamps to make two boards into one! We let this glue set for more than a day as well, just to be safe. I didn’t need these beautiful knobs crashing onto our tile floor.

Gluing Boards

When the glue finally dried I brushed a thin coat of white paint across the board. I didn’t cover the board completely, but just enough to bring out the character of the rough cuts. Then, it was time to start spacing out the knobs and hooks!  We actually ended up using screws from the backside of the board to the front and securing them with decorative cap nuts.


And then, finally, what I had been wait for for weeks … hanging the hooks! I am obsessed with this project! I love the way it turned out and it is perfectly functional!

Hooks - MS Hooks - WS

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