Using an Old Door as Indoor Decor

When my sister-in-law moved into her home she blessed with beautiful old doors 🙂 But, as a front door goes, vintage isn’t always the most practical or the most secure.  She had me in mind when she replaced this older door with a quality metal door and deadbolt.

My original plan for this beauty was to add it to my garden, but because she replaced her door in the fall, I just had to put it to use through the winter!  Its a large piece but I’ve found a few ways to style it in our living room.

Living Room WS

This door was full of imperfections (which, let’s be real, makes it perfect for me) and it also makes it perfect for accessorizing! I don’t feel guilty adding new nail holes to hold wreaths, garland and candles!

Door 1

I started out using real candles, but I didn’t feel comfortable lighting them. I’ve since switched out some remote-operated candles so I can just click them on and off when I’m in the room.

Candles Candle CU

Around Halloween time I swapped the candles for some little gourd pumpkins and an adorable little spider!

Fall Door

For Christmas I actually spruced up the door with a (ready for this!?) WINDOW! I found an old painted window screen at our pay-by-the-pound Goodwill Outlet store. It is lit from behind and glows adorably. The screen plus some white light evergreen garland made this a cozy Christmas decoration.  I plugged the lights into an indoor timer and every night around dusk my living room was bright with Christmas spirit.

Christmas Door CU Christmas Door

I think it is safe to say this door is staying inside for good. After just a few months of dressing it up, I don’t think I could part with it!

Door Decor

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