Styling with Trays: Practical & Adorable

I love a good thrifted tray. I find them at second-hand stores often and I usually buy them. Why? Because they make me feel like things are organized. I can group things together tightly and it makes things like my countertops or coffee table feel organized AND styled. I’ve got trays all over my house – the kitchen, living room, laundry room and they’ve even made some appearances on my dining table and on dressers.Tray Pinterest

I think the key to using trays to their full potential is saving some room for practical purposes.  In our living room the majority of the tray is used to hold our remotes and coasters. I always make sure there is space for a scented candle, though. The candles add nice height to the tray and with a decorative candle ring it is fancy looking in no time!

Tray Close Up


Living Room Coffee Table

This round tray in our kitchen adds a lot to this under-the-counter corner.

Kitchen WS

Its decorative, in a kitchen-ish way. I filled my Pampered Chef Trifle Bowl (seriously, the most versatile bowl ever) with wine corks, including some corks from special occasions.  I just write with a sharpie on the corks – it is a really easy way to add a touch of personalization!

Kitchen Tray CU



Again, notice how I didn’t fill the full tray with decor though – I left plenty of space for something useful. Today its a bunch of bananas.

Kitchen Tray 2

Trays also make a good coaster! That’s why I keep this one near our chair pretty clear. It is usually more empty than this, actually. I just recently added this precious little squirrel. I picked him up at a thrift store a few weeks ago and I plan to put him outside when winter is over, but until then, he deserved a home.

Tray Living Room Cu

See, even my giant Bubba mug has lots of space on my tray!


The tray in the laundry room is probably the only one that I use for a purely practical purpose. I mean, it is pretty cute, but its in a corner and hardly ever seen. I just love how it keeps all of our laundry soaps collected in one place.

Laundry Room Tray1

Laundry Tray CU

See what I mean? You’re never going to pass up a tray at the thrift store ever again.

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