Quick Concrete Floor Update

Our laundry room is in our basement. I like this room. In addition to our laundry space, it is a 1/2 bath and has a great wash sink, which is perfect for cleaning out paint brushes and rollers!  If I could, I would pick this room right up out of the basement and plop it on my main floor. But, since I know my husband wouldn’t go for that idea, we’ve been working on cleaning up this room so it feels a little more finished.

Laundry Room - Before

When we first moved in the walls were white – a dirty white. One afternoon and a couple fresh coats of yellow paint helped tremendously to brighten up the space and remove some of the dirty looking spots on the wall. (Psst – notice that counter top leaning against the wall? I have great plans for that! I’ll be sharing the updates here as we work on the project.)

Laundry Room - Before

Our laundry room before the new floor


I also added little decorative touches so I could trick myself into thinking I wasn’t hanging out in an unfinished basement room whenever I had a load of laundry to do.  (It hasn’t worked, I still wait to do laundry until I’m nearly out of clothes to wear.)

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Most recently we’ve decided to update our concrete floors.  I wish I could say we covered them up with a hardwood or tile, but that’s not the case.  The floor slopes towards a drain which would make installation tricky, and honestly, we wanted something we could do quickly. We picked up some Rust-oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Stain and Color Chips.


My husband did all of the work; I just supervised.  So did Gauge.

ToddGauge - Floors

First, he cleaned the floors and then he started painting by rolling along the edges. While the paint is still wet, just toss on some of the decorative chips.  You can throw on as few or as many chips as you like.  This is a really a quick project – just roll on the paint! Todd painted roughly 4 foot sections and then sprinkled some paint chips.

Check out the change! There isn’t a ton of difference in the color because the floor was actually already painted by the previous home owners.

Floor BeforeAfter

I had always covered the chipping floor up with a giant area rug, but I’m happy to say I no longer need to!

Laundry Room - Before


Laundry Room - Before


It is still a concrete floor, but I think this room is shaping up nicely for an unfinished space.  What do you think?

Concrete - Pinterest

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